Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crash! Boom! ... :/

My computer has crashed three times in the past two days. Ugh. Sad day! And I don't know what's wrong! I'm still continuing with the editing process. Getting far and I really like the changes! So does Aladdin. Today I am also going to try and find a job for the summer. Ugh.

Does anyone else feel like they've queried all the agents who represent their genre and have no one left to query? I almost feel like that. Also, if you write young adult fantasy, do you query agents who represent both of those genres?

I've always done that, but I was curious what agents mean when they only say young adult and don't specify whether they want fantasy. Does that mean a wide range of young adult?


  1. I haven't tried to query yet, but I think that any one who represents YA is going to look for things in a wide variety of sub-genres.

  2. Sorry about your computer problems. I feel for ya!

    I haven't queried anyone yet so I really don't know. It helps to look at their sites or blogs because they give specifics. Also Publisher's Marketplace. Agent Query. I'm assuming if they just mention YA and doesn't specify, it's probably safe to query them. If they don't represent Fantasy, they'll let you know anyway...in the form of a rejection letter, but you can't take that one personal, right?

    Anyway, goodluck and I hope your computer stops acting up soon. =)

  3. I'm new here! Hello!!! Your blog is gorgeous!

    Oh dear, the querying process. I've been in it for two months working out all my options. Querytracker has helped me keep amazing track of all the happenings in the agent world. I've also stalked a few via twitter and applied for all contests to try and get myself name and genre out there.

    I have some YA but lately I've been sending out queries for my Chick Lit (Adult) novel. I've received several rejections a partial request and a full. Lately it's been drop dead quiet though!

    I'm curious, where have you looked? What does your query look like? How many have you queried? What's your rank?

    Email me (jenniferdaiker@gmail.com) we can chat about it!!!

  4. Thanks for your help guys! You are all so awesome! I think I'll just make sure to look and see if they don't accept fantasy, otherwise, I'll query them, lol.

    Jen - I'll definitely e-mail you!! Thank you for you sweet compliment! I'm so glad you're here! :)

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about the computer crashes. That is scary stuff. Did you check out query tracker or agent query? Those sites have lots and lots of agents listed. Good luck!

  6. Ashley, I'm so sorry about your computer weirdness. Eeps! You DO keep a back up of all of your stories, right? I learned that early on. Heeehee

    As to agents, yes, as long as they say they rep YA, send a query for your YA fantasy. My agent didn't specify fantasy, but she ended up loving mine. So it can't hurt to try. Good luck!

  7. Oh dear! I hope your work is safe and will not be affected by the crashing. Could be a number of things. Have you defrag? It takes forever but sometimes that's all it needs.

    And I tend to agree that if they say YA without any specialty then its all encompassing. I would just be more cautious of querying agents who specifically states they don't want a certain genre vs. the other way around.

    I haven't started to querying process yet but I can understand where you are coming from. If you take out all the agents who are not even accepting unsolicited queries, the pool often times can run very small. Have you tried sites like http://www.agentquery.com/ &/or http://www.publishersmarketplace.com? You can also pick up a few new agents/agencies from Chuck's blog http://www.guidetoliteraryagents.com/blog. Good luck & keep us posted!

  8. ...it's an endless pet peeve of mine, the irritable vagueness of certain agents. But yes, regardless of their lack of specifics, send, send, send. You just never know...


  9. Sometimes on their blogs or websites, or even in interviews, agents specify what they are looking for specifically within YA. But if you don't know, all you can do is try.

  10. Thanks guys! You are all so helpful! I have looked at Query Tracker, but not Agent Query, I'll definitely look there! :)

    My computer has crashed more, lol...so looks like this internet connection is going. I'm gonna have to do something else. :/