Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I need sustenance!!"

Okay guys. Here's my problem: no internet. This means I will be posting once a week. Thank you all for your continued support! I love it. ;)

Here's what I've been doing:

Working on my book. Yes, I have cut the thing from 140,071 words to 122,743 words. still have a lot of work to do, but that's progress!! Does anyone else find it hard to write during the day? I can only write well at night. Or is anyone the opposite? Also, I have found that I'm better at handwriting through this edit than I am typing, I always find that interesting because my brain likes to switch off like that.

Painting my nails orange. You wouldn't think this would be time consuming, however, I'm a freak about my nails and if they aren't perfect, I redo them over and over again! My fingers are also crooked. Weird. lol.

Avoiding tornadoes. :( Oklahoma and surrounding areas have had a horrible time this past week. Especially Joplin! Please keep everyone in your thoughts. Luckily both storms passed above and below where I live, but my college town got a lot of scary close encounters. Every year around finals week we usually have tornadoes all around us, I mean the sirens are going off and we're heading to take cover, but this year it was two weeks late. I haven't seen a tornado yet--I don't want too--but I have seen wall clouds...scary!

I also want to say I saw Thor, and it has some of the most quotable lines!! It was really funny, and I love the Thor (the character)!! It wasn't what I expected in the advertisments because I didn't expect all the backstory or the other worldly stuff, but hey, it was entertaining!


  1. Congrats of getting so much done! I'm sorry about your computer *hugs* but at least that way you wont spend too much time on the internet (sorry I'm projecting, I'm spending wayy too much time on the net). Awesome job cutting down on the word count. I like to write things by hand sometimes too!

    Love the orange nails, I just did mine coral :) And I'm so jealous of you for seeing Thor already. I really want to see it, but I NEVER get a chance to go to the theaters!

  2. Congrats on your revisions successes! I'm always intrigued by authors who write their books on tablets. I totally can't do that! It's too slow for me. LOL.

    Please stay safe in those storms, girl! And I haven't seen THOR yet, but I'm eager to rent the DVD when it's out!

  3. HOLY WOW that's a lot written and editing. Congrats - you are my hero.

    I'm similar in the fact that my mind seems to flaky to write in the mornings. My most productive time is right after lunch for whatever odd reason.

    One of the key to staying committed to finishing the ms is really finding what works for you. Ya know?

    PS - *nods in agreement* Thor was just really well done.

  4. It's great that you're so dedicated to CUTLASS.

    I write better at night too, but I think it's because everyone is sleeping and I can just cruise without any interruptions.

    It's so hard to get back into it after someone interrupts. Of course, getting up early the next day can be really ugly :D

  5. K.V. - No, when I have internet, I DO spend too much time on it!! Especially in college!!

    Anita - Sometimes it is too slow. :( But I think I've been away from it so long, it's easiest right now. When I begin my work on the third book again, it'll have to type, lol.

    Sophie - Yay!! I love bing your hero! I'm honored, lol! I agree - and since commitment is hardest because of some many distractions, that's key!

    Dawn - Aww, thanks! And I agree. Ugh. :( I get up at 7:00 every morning to go work out. blah. It's always ugly. lol.