Friday, May 13, 2011

Home! Query progress! yay!

Well, I made it home. Two hour drive and a packed car later. Always bitter-sweet. Begins the long-distance relationship thing. But, I'm positive that I can begin editing my book, and get into my workout routine again. Finals makes it hard to workout. : /

Progress on query:

CUTLASS is a 140,000 word young adult fantasy novel. The manuscript is available for review at your convenience.
The last place a pirate should be is the town of Maris. The noose around Barren Reed's neck only reminds him of that fact, but rather than concerning himself with the afterlife, his thoughts are on the whereabouts of his father's lost treasure.
After Barren is rescued from his death, he flees from Maris in search of his father's treasure. Barren learns the treasure he has been seeking is actually a device of dark magic forged by his mother, Sysara to kill his father, Jess. Made out of fearing that Jess would be unfaithful to her, Sysara gave the device to Jess as a symbol of their love. Jess does not return to Sysara and the curse befell him. Out of fear, the pirate buried the device on the island of Arurm. There it remained, pumping its corruption into the land and infecting the Elves who live there.
Now that the device has began corrupting the land and the elves, there's no turning back--once the elves come into contact with the disease they will all die, even Barren's wife, Keira. Barren has no choice but to destroy the device. There's only one problem: a curse of death comes to any who succeeds in destroying the devise. Barren must choose to save himself or everyone else.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Ashley Nixon

Thank you, Kayeleen Hamblin!!
I definitely like it a lot better! And I can see the difference in what I was doing, and what I actually needed to do. lol. More progress later.