Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long Weekend...heading into a long week!

First off -- Thank you to everyone who commented on my blog this week. :) And thank you to all my followers, and to all those who are helping me on my query! It definitely means a lot to me!!

This was a long weekend of birthday presents, food, and American Sign Language. I'm trying to learn, and I used it a lot this week. lol.

This week is finals week! Ugh. Tomorrow I have a final at 8 for Italian. yay. :/ 

Wish me luck! 

Look at this owl ring: 

He's cute. Aladdin bought it for me. :) 

Anyways! I'm hoping to get my query revised and posted for all of you. :) Hopefully I can do that tomorrow after my early final. I'm also searching for a way to have internet over the Summer since I won't have my wifi from school. Ah, the country life. : / 

I hope it's not...dumb...unrealistic...? To hope for a good enough query letter and a good enough manuscript to ensnare an agent by the end of Summer, is it?


  1. What a cute ring! Goodluck with your finals. Stop by my blog when you can and when you're no longer busy--I have an award for you. Yep, that's right. It's payback time ;D

  2. Oh, it's on Monday's post. Forgot to say that. *sheepish*

  3. Aww, thank you, Cherie! You're so sweet!!!

  4. Ashley, I love the ring. Are you an owl collector? Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetheart. Looking forward to the query!

    *waves to Cherie*

  5. Hey Ashley, OMG I love the owl ring! So cute, your Alladin is a keeper :) And happy birthday!! AND good luck with finals!!

    I just read your query and your book sounds freaking awesome, can't wait to read your updated query. If I can think of any suggestions I'll let you know. The thing I'd be worried about is the word count, pretty high for YA but its a fantasy so maybe not. I just had to trim my 125,000 manuscript down to 100,000 and it almost killed me!

    And thank you so much for the blog award *again*!! You are such a sweetheart <3

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! Good luck with your finals and query letter.

    Thanks for the follow! Now I'm off to check out your blog.

    Take care...:)

  7. Thanks K.V.!!! Yeah, I have actually trimmed it down A LOT! I'm not sure how many words exactly, but I took out fifty pages! And No problem!! :))

    Jamie - Thank you very much! I need all the luck I can get!

  8. Oh, Anita - I've always like owls! I'm glad they're so many around now in jewelry form!!

  9. I just got owl earrings. Love them. Now I just need to find where you got the ring......

  10. I have to admit that I'm slightly jealous that your boyfriend looks like Aladdin. He's one of my favorite animated characters of all time. I always liked the street rat ;)

    How long have you been learning Italian? I'm going to be learning it over the summer. I'm hoping to have conversational skills by the time my semester abroad in Italy rolls around.

  11. Jennifer - Hi! I got my ring at Rue21. :) They have a lot of owl things.

    Caitlin - lol!! He's a sweetheart!

    This is my fourth semester, two years. I had my final today! Two hours. ugh. If you have motivation you'll do great! I'm better at writing than speaking, but I think that's because I'm a visual learner. Are you going to go to Italy?

  12. I'll be spending a semester over in Italy next spring :) I can't wait!

  13. How wonderful! My boyfriend and I are saving up to go by ourselves. I wanted to study abroad, but I had a car payment until January this year, and now I'm a Senior. It's gorgeous (from what I've seen, my friends have been!)

    You'll be great! Just be prepared - if you ask come va? You better be prepared to listen! Italians really care about how you are!

  14. Oooh, that'll be so nice for you two! :) The school I'll be studying at is twenty miles from Venice and you can see the Alps from the dorms. So, basically, I'm going to be in heaven ;)

    Thanks for the head's up - I'll remember that.

  15. How amazing!! It will be heaven! you should create a blog just for that experience!