Monday, April 9, 2012

A-Z Challenge: H

H is for Hollow Dallon!

Oh, Hollow. He has an interesting name and a very critical disposition. He is Cove Rowell's best friend. His wife's name is Joannah. He has three children, all girls: Scarlett, Terra, Jaqueline. He is a Senator in Arcarum and is assinged to the Provience of Kentworth. He is also a pirate and sails as Cove's first-mate. He is very protective of those he loves, thought it's probably hard to tell. He has bright blonde hair and his eyes always look black. Often he stands aside quietly, arms crossed, observing. He is full of insight.

I haven't found anyone who looks really like him. Sometimes, I can only see my characters as Final Fantasy characters. I found this. Not that this dude looks completely like him (the hair is all wrong..costume, too) but still. Cool pic!! haha.

Hollow is a very experienced fighter. He was not born privileged. He actually worked his way up in the political world in Arcarum. Cove saw potential in him and asked him to join his crew. Hollow is probably the most family-oriented character, it's very apparent in his nature. He's very mistrusting of Elves (Leaf, especially), but he soon gets over that the longer he's around them.

Overall, he's a pretty good guy, though you wonder sometimes...

Make sure you check out my dear friend, Dani's blog! She's doing a great job. She is also unofficially taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge! She will be giving you glimpses of her book, Elbion! Her characters are riveting, be careful! You'll fall for them fast! Go HERE to see her blog! :)

I'm clearing my schedule so I can catch up on some awesome A-Z blogs!! Much love! <3


  1. Oh my gosh! Sometimes I see my characters as Final Fantasy too! haha. :) nice

    1. They're just so darn pretty! Lol! Sadly, I always like the bad guys. :/


  2. Final Fantasy characters are pretty to look at aren't they?!!! I like that pic. I look forward to learning more of Hollow someday. I kind of feel sorry for him living with all girls. Being outnumbered and all. *grin*

    Great post, lady!

  3. I love the picture too. Sounds like you have some great characters!

  4. Holllow is such a cool name! I love that he is family oriented. I've recently decided I need to add a character who grew up proper, like with parents, and rules and smiley faced posters...and priorities like family. It's cool you have one of those.

  5. what an interesting name for a character:)

    Great A-Z post!

  6. I really love Hollow. I liked how fiercely protective he seemed, it made me want to know him more!

    Also, thanks for the shout out. My blog will slowly get better under your tutilege, oh wise one! :D

  7. He looks really good for having three kids...come to think of it so does his wife :)

  8. Another awesome sneak peek at your characters.

  9. Love the picture! Another great character. Can't wait to dive into your world.

  10. wow, girl.... your characters are so well developed. I love it. Get those books published so I can read them!!!