Saturday, April 21, 2012

A-Z Challenge: S

S is for Sia!

Sia is a new character that began talking to me in Art History class last semester. She told me a sad story about her people who were all massacred brutally. She is set on revenge, and kills anyone associated with the Blood Elf race (those responsible for the death of her people). Here's a snippet from the beginning I have posted on my blog:

Something’s are unpredictable. Like my life, for instance. I'm not supposed to be here. My parents were murdered, my race was butchered until extinction...then there is me. Still breathing and vengeful.

I have one love.

It is for no human.

No immortal.

No living thing.

My love is for one thing--the chase. I hunt a distinct race of Elves called the Bloods, responsible for the extinction of my race. I am their worst enemy. They say I am soulless, I have no sympathy for any age of blood elf, for they only had sympathy for one of my race--and that just so happened to be me.

Who am I?

I am what is called an Arethia.

The only one.

My name is Sia.

I was a Princess, meant to inherit the crown of my kingdom. None of those things exist anymore, however, and what I have become instead is a merciless tracker and murderer.

What, you ask, do I gain from the deaths I deal? Well, nothing, really. I expect to die one day at the hands of a blood elf, maybe hundreds, just as my race did….but as I’ve said…some things are unpredictable.

Sorry it was late, guys! I had work early! :) blogger is weird!!
I like it. lol.


  1. Great little snippet. I love girl power stories.

  2. New blogger? I didn't notice. But then there is so much I don't know about blogger it's sad.

    Your character seems like someone I wouldn't want to anger!

  3. Interesting character! I like how intensely driven she is. :)

  4. Don't you love it when character just start talking to you?! She sounds like so much fun to read about.