Friday, April 20, 2012

A-Z Challenge: R

R is for Remembrance

Remembrance is a Fairy. She is also a Princess, and she is young when you meet her in the book SOULLESS. She originally in my first Trilogy ever that existed a long time ago. lol.

Remembrance is Princess of Talithia, her mother and father are Fairies, their names are Symphony and Dragon.

Dragon is a shape-shifter. Can anyone guess what he changes into? A dragon! lol.
Remembrance does not have this talent, and acts as a little sister to my main character, Sia. She had black hair, a pretty and young face. All my Fairies are human sized and because of this, have huge wings. Their doorways have to be fact...they don't have doors usually, except in guest quarters. My Fairies also have a natural tattoo on the side of their face around their eyes...some of the Fairies have more pronounced ones, other's have small ones and they all vary in color and design.

Talithia is a city of...well, I always imagine it as glass towers...and they always seem to be a pinkish color. I don't know why...cause if it was me, I'd be like..."no pink!!" but that's what the characters tell me. You also can't get there unless you if you don't have're in trouble. lol.

Talithia used to exist in a place called Elrevion...that's not the setting of the book SOULLESS, but I think it Elrevion will end up being mentioned somewhere in SOULLESS...that way my first book is kind of honored. lol.

So...what do you think? Do you like Fairies? Do you spell it differently? Have you read the Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa? We have very different takes on Fairies. I also don't think I could focus in my Fairies for a whole book. They are interesting, but they are very...isolated...and don't like to talk much...especially Dragon. haha.


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  1. How can I say beautiful in Fairy language? Because she is!

  2. Love fairies and Julie Kagawa, as you know! Great Post!

  3. I think I want to visit Talithia. :)