Sunday, April 15, 2012

A-Z Challenge: N

N is for Not Pirates!


Well, kinda not! It's for a school called Nacoma Knight. Nacoma is a private school named after its namesake...a man obviously named Nacoma Knight...haha. He was a vampire lord who thought teaching vampires to live with humans was a good idea...then he turned evil. While I love my characters and the story, I don't talk/work on it much, if at all. Vampire need to sleep. lol.

Anyway, my inspiration for the place is a combination of a French Opera House meets Gothic-style church.

Cool right??!

The outside kinda looks like this...the windows are definitely close!

I wanted this place to look frightening. And I think this does the trick. ahaha. It's surrounded by thick woods, and I don't have a specific place in the real world where it's I avoid mentioning that.

What do you think? Would you go to a school that looked like the above?


  1. Would I?
    Hell yes! Wish my school looked half as awesome.

  2. Oh, I'd definitely go to a school like that! The staircase reminds me of the staircase that was on the Titanic! Beautiful pics!

  3. You bet! That's awesome looking! Maybe a little spooky...but that's okay.

  4. Awesome photos. I'd like to tour it but not go to school there

  5. Wow. That French opera house is stunningly spooky!

  6. No I would not want to go to school there. But the photos are very cool!

  7. Ohhhh... verrrry Phantom of the Opera-esque. Such magic to these old buildings. Wish I lived in one. :D

  8. Ooh, fantastic inspiration photos! I think it'd be creepy cool to go to a school like that!