Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A-Z Challenge: V

V is for Val. Mr. Val to be correct.

Val is a math teacher at Nacoma Knight. He has pretty scary eyes--they're always narrow and black as coal. His gaze is always cold, and it's really hard to tell if he likes anyone at all, or if he's good or evil. I have a hard time figuring out any of these things. lol.

Anora doesn't really like Math, and therefore she doesn't really like Mr. Val, but he seems to be more involved in the strange things happening around Nacoma Knight. The worst part about it all, Shy doesn't seem to think he's a threat. She's not sure if she should trust him or not, especially since he likes to give her detention for every little thing she does.

Despite all this, I like Mr. Val as a character and his role grows and grows.

How do you feel when secondary characters move into primary roles?

P.S. I apologize for not responding to comments! I have three weeks of school left, and I'm trying to wind it all down. Also, I was just hired yesterday for my second job. :/ Since I am basically a receptionist, I hope I can still maintain my blog and be awesome, lol.



  1. I love interesting secondary characters! Mr. Val sounds like a great one.

  2. No responses a mom of a soon to be college student, I say study hard...get your money's worth!