Friday, April 13, 2012

A-Z Challenge: L

L is for....wait for it!!!


Leaf would probably not prefer that you call him "Prince" but seeing as how he is a Prince, it cannot be avoided sometimes. Because I can't really think of Leaf in human terms (yet....) I always think of him as a pretty Final Fantasy character or something like that. So I'm just going to let you set your sites on these pretty blond-haired Elves. From what I can tell, these are all peoples characters.

He and Kenna would be perfect, huh?

I know you guys have met Leaf before. I interviewed him HERE once. He is a very funny Elf. He has sea-green eyes, and blonde hair. He love the sea, and despite what you think of him at any given point, he's always concerned about his people. He is a natural leader, and he and Barren Reed are best friends. Leaf is not afraid to tell you like it is. Despite his being an Elf, he hasn't been around very long. He is a little older than Barren. In his short life, he's seen and done a lot of things he regrets. He doesn't really look forward to immortality, but he'll take what he can get and make the best of it. I mean, he has his whole life to redeem his past deeds, right?

His name, ironically, came from the Viking Leif Erickson (yeah...the guy who REALLY discovered America, lol). Leaf likes his bow, but uses a pistol and long sword, too. He's got some good advice if you listen.

So, what do you think of Leaf? Would you want him to be your king?


  1. Elves are just so mystical; how can you not fall in love with them?

  2. I really like the way you've described Leaf and the interview was great. Makes me want to know more! (:

  3. What a beautiful character name!

  4. Very cool! Love the pics--beautiful drawings, really.

  5. I really like Leaf. I like that he's an elf who sails. I know you didn't describe him this way but when I read about him I couldn't help but picture him with dark hair, lol probably cause he's so broody most of the time. Hehe. Love your characters, they're so different from anything else I've read.

  6. I'll love any Elf - but Leaf seems especially amazing. Great post! I've enjoyed meeting your characters this month!

  7. Again a very interesting character, and pretty too, although that might just be cause he's an elf.

  8. I have a soft spot for scoundrel royalty with their fair share of baggage and regrets, who still really deep down love their people wholeheartedly. :)