Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-Z Challenge: I

I is for a character named Issac Noble. He appeared as a merchant with a strawberry cart once. He will never do that again. LOL. I just didn't work. Because this character is a third book character, I cannot be descriptive. Instead, I am going to be very vague. So vague....none of you will know what is going on. How will I do this....well, through pictures.

Everything I will show here is a part of Issac. It won't give anything away because some of the pictures are just what something belonging to him might look like. Vague, right?!? Just use your imagination!

Some of these you may not get. Especially the first one. But that's okay. I will tell you, Issac had dark curly hair and blue eyes. He's a nice guy, but deeply saddened.

Well, that was tough. *wipes brow*.


  1. lol! I love the vagueness. These pictures really give me ideas!

    1. lol. Yeah...there's a ton more to him...these just seemed like things I could give away. haha.

  2. OOh, a little mystery works for me. :D

    Those pictures are awesome.

  3. Wow! Seriously intrigued! I must read your next two books! Gimme!!!

  4. So he's a pirate. A sad one. Right?

  5. very intriguing. i like that you make us use our imagination...

  6. oh, that last picture!!! I'm so in love with it!