Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-Z Challenge: M

M is for Maps!

Can't have a fantasy world without maps. My first one is one of the Orient that you guys have probably seen before.

This one is pretty old and I have to change the layout. We're working with photoshop to try and make one this time. My friend Brittiny (the one who did my banner) also embellished this. I love it! :) I plan to make this more detailed and make a smaller map of Arcarum showing how the Provinces are divided.

Now, this one is an old man from my first trilogy.

This was a very detailed map of old Elrevion and New Elrevion (Two different places) and they fit together to form a huge map. I loved doing this. It was so fun! I painted it and made it look all cool (in my opinion) haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed my maps!

Do you like when books have maps in the front?


  1. Your maps are awesome! I like drawing a map when I create my fantasy worlds too, but they are pretty bad sketches. Heh.

  2. Impressive! I enjoy seeing maps in books, it seems to make the fantasy world more authentic or if nothing else, help out with later confusions :)

  3. Yes, I love it when books have maps in the front. If it's an epic, it seems necessary.

    Unfortunately, my map attempts kind of ... sorta ... suck.

    Yours are awesome. ^_^

  4. I love maps in books, they can be very useful. I found I had to make a map for my series as well because I kept losing track of which direction characters were supposed to be traveling. Maps are so inspiring though and they open up so much you can do with the world you've created. I love your maps! They look great.

  5. I LOVE maps! Big maps, small maps, fold-out maps, hang-on-the-wall maps, real world maps, fiction world maps... Yes, I like maps. :)

    I've got a post pending regarding one of my own maps so seeing you posting yours was kinda deja-wierd.

    BTW - Your maps are COOL! Excellent job!

  6. Love maps in books! I dunno, it lends an air of authority, of reality, to the whole story. Yours are very well done.

  7. Those are some great maps! I love maps as a reader and love makin' 'em as a writer.

  8. FOr certain books, yes, I LOVE maps. For fantasy, they're a must.

    Those are some amazing looking Maps Ashley!

  9. I enjoy the maps, but don't check them out usually until I'm done with the book, because they make no sense before.

  10. I love maps in the front of books, especially historical fiction. I don't read quite as much fantasy, but did like the maps in the Lord of the Rings books.

    I'm passing through as I frantically try to visit as many A to Z participants as possible. This is getting harder every year.