Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-Z Challenge: U

This is a stretch...but today U is for the Unusual or the Unique.

In all my stories, I try to come up with things that people aren't used to, and if it's a familiar idea, I feel like you want to desensitize people to the familiarity of it. I think this is the goal of every author.

With my pirates, I didn't want a stereotypical world where pirates were just barbaric and had no sense of law. In my books, they do--yes, there are some rogue pirates who disobey and give the pirates a bad name (although, mostly, the Privateers do a good job of giving all pirates a bad name) lol. I also wanted my map and my world to have a different feel. I felt if they were mostly islands, it would seem like a pirate-oriented community anyway.

Does that make sense?

Then I wanted to throw Elves in the mix. Mostly because I love them, and Elves are like ninjas anyway. SO then I could have a ninja-pirate-elf and be awesomeness.


So what do you feel is unique about your novel? :D


  1. Ninja-pirate-elf. Cool! I agree that a world of mostly islands would be pirate-oriented. I'd say the voice of my protagonist in my latest WIP is unique. She's not your typical heroine in a paranormal world.

  2. Ashley, I think that might be my problem...I'm not putting enough uniqueness in my novels. My characters are so everyday. Thanks for reminding me to change that. :)

    1. Maybe everyday characters thrown into an unusual situation? In that way, readers can easily relate, and there's also a unique feel?

  3. Well, I don't think that I can top your uniqueness, pirate-elf world sounds awesomely unusual. I think the book I'm doing pre-writing on now is unique because the romance is going to be very minor in comparison with the sisters' relationship.

  4. I think I have a pretty unique premise, and that is really important to me. It's a different kind of unique than pirate-ninja-elves (which sound quite amazing!), but it's the same feature--writing about something you haven't already seen done a million times in the same way.

  5. Ninja-pirate-elf is definitely cool and unique. :)

  6. I'd read about a ninja-pirate-elf anyday! I think my characters (especially the secondary ones) are what make my stories unique, too.