Friday, April 27, 2012

A-Z Challenge: X

X is for X...marks the spot!

Yeah...I know. But I have something to discuss today cause my head is going to begin to hurt if I keep thinking about it.

Treasure. Treasure in pirate books.

Initially, I had this idea that my pirates would go after something they thought was treasure and discover that it really wasn't treasure. With this rewrite, I'm going, "What in the world are you thinking, guys?" cause I don't know what they're going to end up doing once they go to the spot they told me they were going.

I really think Barren has a plan, but I can't be sure. I keep telling myself just keep reading your book, writing out the conflicts that come to you and keep writing what scenes you see in your head. I'm writing down everything, even if I don't know if I'll use it in the book. I think my problem is I can't get away from the original idea.

At the moment, my question is...Is there treasure?
I think that's because I wan to know if I'm going to be taking something familiar and making it unfamiliar? Cause trust me...any treasure in my books is not going to be gold and silver, and more than likely it's going to be something no one wants to really deal with. lol.

What do you guys think? I notice that many people loved Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest, but when the other movies kinda got all crazy and found their way into a different pursuit, they weren't as popular (I still liked them). lol. What do you think? Traditional? Non-traditional? I'm a fan of doing what my book tells me...that's why I just wait for the characters to speak up...even if that takes for ever *bangs head in hand*


  1. Go traditional! Love treasure chests, that's what makes for a good adventure. It's like getting caught up in a Celtic fantasy and there isn't a pop of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some things cannot be re-written. It's a good formula, it works! :) Go for the treasure! Go for the gold!

  2. Treasure but with a twist for sure. I love the hunting down treasure, but there has to be more than gold in that chest. In fact, it would be absolutely fantastic if it was a chest full of dirt.

    But that dirt is the stuff that when sprinkled across the land will cause the fields to bloom and fruit in half the time.

    Or the dirt imprisons one of those powerful fay from the british isles who can only walk on their homeland (so cleverly carry dirt from there where ever they go).

    I think you get what I'm trying to say: twisty treasure.

  3. I second the "treasure with a twist" idea. Mix it up by having the "treasure" be a person, or a hidden, signed conspiracy theory that sets nations at war or something. It's more like a secret than an actual treasure. Or maybe they're not the ones seeking it, but those ones hiding it from other pirates?? You could have so much fun with this!

  4. I think untraditional can be great! I think people lost interest in the Pirates movies because there were just so many. . .

  5. That's a tough one, Ashley. I read an MG novel where the kids went hunting for a treasure. And when they actually found a real treasure left behind by pirates, I was disappointed. I really thought the author was going to throw a twist in there. But that's just me. You have to do what your characters tell you. :)

  6. I'm like you--I go along with where my character takes me. When I've reached a difficult spot, substituted by the letter X, I need to work out the next part of the plot.

  7. I love the idea Rena came up with above...special dirt! LOL! Talk about unexpected! I say go with where the book leads you. It is amazing what your mind can come up with it you let it stew.