Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A-Z Challenge: J

J is for John Reed.

John is part of the Reed family. Yes, the infamous Royal Family I have been telling you about for the past five seven posts, lol. If you need reminding of where he stands, here's the tree:

                                           Cathmor = Odessa 
                  Iliana =  Tetherion           Jess = Sysara 
                           |                                                           |
          Natherious  Datherious       William    Barren = Kiera 

John is fifteen when you meet him. He is very confused about who he is because his uncle, Barren Reed is a pirate (a notorious terror at that), and his father is Ambassador William Reed (a good for nothing evil man). John knows one thing, however, he does not want to be like his father. He refuses apprenticeships and is imprisoned (yes, at fifteen). He looks up to Barren, and funny enough, Barren looks up to John. John is very mature for his age, and you'll see his childhood will lend it self to his cynical side.

His mother was murdered by his father, who never paid him any mind (except, of course when he disobeyed). John's role in the first book will prepare you well for what he does in the second. He becomes such an amazing character. I adore him. He looks like Barren and William--brown hair, brown eyes. He'll end up being compared to Barren a lot, and John doesn't mind that.

I can't find a picture of him, or anything close that the moment. lol. I have more "J" characters I was going to give you, but it's harder when you bring them in from the second and third book, so I'll stay away from that!

...this could be an older John...idk. This guy plays Lancelot in the BBC version of Merlin, which I love!

*sigh* beautiful pirates. =)


  1. Yummm!!!!

    John sounds fascinating... or maybe he's just beautiful. *winks*

    I love Merlin! I didn't know who Lancelot was 'til now :D

  2. If you have your book half as well planned as your characters, it should be an excellent read!

  3. I love your comment about how he and Barren both look up to each other. You've built some great family dynamics here.

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  5. oh, he sounds all dreamy.. and if he looks like that.... sigh!
    and pirates, really? that's awesome!!!!

    I'm going back to read more about your other characters.

  6. Pirates! Love it! And he looks and sounds like a pretty awesome character. :D

  7. I'm amazed at how well-planned your characters are. :)

  8. Ahh... he looks yummy and handsome. I think he could be a pirate and steal me away. Ha ha ha. The story sounds fascinating. Best regards to you. Ruby

  9. Visiting from the A-Z Challenge and wishing you lots of luck with your writing. You have a great plan and are obviously very dedicated. It is interesting juts how many writers are using blogging to get their work out there, things have changed a lot in recent years. Good luck.