Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A-Z Challenge: P

P is guessed it! Pirates.

I wanted to explain a few things about my pirates, because they are a little different from ordinary pirates.

We all know there are several kinds of pirates: there are Corsairs, these are romantic versions of pirates. I think mostly because they were in the Mediterranean and often classified as Christian or Muslim. (A famous Muslim Corsair was actually named Barbarossa). Interesting huh? I always loved the name.

Privateers work for the government, the most famous is probably Sir Francis Drake. We all know about him. Hated by Phillip of Spain...destroyer of several Spanish ships. Yep. He worked for Queen Elizabeth, and he was pretty awesome.

There are buccaneers and these are probably going to be your "Pirates of the Caribbean" pirates--they were often near Tortuga. If you want, you can say Port Royal (Which actually existed, but was destroyed by an earthquake).

My pirates sail what's called The Orient (meaning The East and has varying geographical locations depending on where you're at...haha). You learned about this previously. My pirate deal with various enemies, mainly the government and privateers. They work to protect the sea and their island (Silver Crest). In the book CUTLASS, you follow Barren Reed and Leaf Tinavin, in their present situation, they highly regret the choices of their past. They were true to the term piracy--Barren sought revenge for his father's death and Leaf was the rebellious prince.

They grew up some, soon realize that what it means to be a pirate in The Orient, is protecting your right to sail. Their is corruption on the sea, and The Orient knows this. People who do not belong their sail--these are the privateers.

Privateers are often worse that pirates, for though their purpose is to raid pirates ships, infiltrate routes and so forth, they often find they have a better life as a Privateer, finding wealth, being free from all laws, and create the havoc people like Barren are accused of starting.

Does that all make sense?

Anyone read "The Seafarer"? 

If you have/haven't/don't want to read it, I understand, but when I read it in my Sophomore Anglo-Saxon Literature class, I read a great sense of the speaker being deeply connected to the sea, and that's how I always thought of my pirates. They are in tune with a spirit and that spirit is not innate in everyone--it's a special gift. When those who don't belong begin to go after a calling that isn't theirs, they fail...or worse, The Orient retaliates!

You'll have to read my book to see my take on maps/black spots ect. There are no mermaids. Sorry to disappoint. I hope my Elves make up for that! =)

Ohkay. Lastly, here are some pictures of pirates...cause I know we all enjoy them!

Most famous, are Pirates of the Caribbean. I have to give them credit for making Elizabeth Swan's role pretty big.

Anyone see Cutthroat Island? It was pretty...pirate-y. hahaha.

Because I can.

Anyone see the syfy version of Neverland? I really liked it!! This is a pirate Aaya. She was realllllly mean.

This is there Captain Hook: James Hook.

Stardust pirates. They were silly. LOL.

Always thought he looked a little pirate-ish. haha.

Okay...I'm done. I could go on forever...but I won't!


  1. Aye! Nothing like a good ol' fashion pirate! I loved the latest addition of Pirates of the Caribbean with the inclusion of Angelica Teach! She has to be the most attractive pirate evah! :D

  2. I loved the Stardust pirates!

    Although you seem to have forgotten the most famous of all pirates, The Dread Pirate Roberts!

  3. I learned quite a bit about pirates today. Thank you!

  4. Yup, totally guessed your 'P' word. And I had no idea about all the kinds of pirates today

  5. Cute post! I haven't seen Cutthroat Island in yeeeears! But I think I'm gonna drag it out and watch it tonight. That, or Stardust. You've given me a tough choice to make! LOL

  6. Great choice! When I was a kid, I secretly wanted to be a pirate.

  7. This is a really good post! I really liked pirates when I was younger. I even dreamed about being a pirate like Elizabeth Swan when I got older until I grew up.

  8. There are some very yummy pirates in this post ;) Pirates are certainly fun!

    One of my fave pirate stories I've read in recent years was a book called Piratica...there are 2 more in the series, but I haven't read those yet. It's YA and very cool and quirky. Oh and it has a romance element.

  9. I read the Seafarer too.

    Because I write steampunk, you know I had to get some pirates in there! Mine tend to be more buccaneer type, but since I also write in an alternate history setting, I get to have a lot of fun with them!

  10. Yay to pirates! Loved the pics, especially of Cutthroat and of Tristan. :)